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Final batch :(

Banners for senbonzakura77 & pamparumpum:

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And also, because this is the last time I'll be posting here, I'd like to remind people that I still have banners for the following users, & I would appreciate it greatly if people would collect them so that I could delete the .psd files: _wizu, aeolianafay, blooming_cosmo, catastrophiel, dark_moon_angel, firecandy89, flimsy, gem_samari, gooziewoozie, helium_icons, kazekodomo, kitsuneasika, mdoogie, morilorin, nabreus, nummy, pasteleyes, psychophant, riyuji, rock_rabbit, scherrice, shagtasticxlove, sky_dominic, squishyorb, stamina, superflavor, supica, tamakins8604, tezuka_zone_pot, theatrically, umi_mizuno, unasuvas, undini & wicked_enough. Thankyou & farewell. ^__^

Week 120: Results

Thank you everybody! Thank you for the beautiful icons & thank you for the lovely comments ♥ I hope you've enjoyed participating in this contest as much as I've enjoyed hosting it. And without further ado, I give you... the final winners.

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.>> moonshadow_nal, it it is no trouble, please could you do the banners?

.>> If you want a banner, please comment and say so in this post. However, you might want to check cb_overflow if you'd like someone else make your banner.
cute kururu

Week 120: Voting

Wow! THANK YOU!! Thank you for the wonderful icons! It's great to see the final week go with such a big bang :D

Voting Rules:
.>> Vote for your THREE favourite icons.
.>> Vote for one (1) Special Category icon which is: Best Colour.
.>> Follow the following format when voting:

1st: 43
2nd: 52
3rd: 77


43, 52, 77

Although obviously, please remember not to vote for your own icon. If you do, we will ask you to re-vote. Voting ends Monday, 10 November 2008, 4 PM Eastern Standard Time/9 PM GMT.

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airgear awards

Week 120: Submit

It is with a heavy heart that I announce this will be the last week for airgear_awards. Sadly the decline of the icontest has effected us here just as it has at other wonderful icontests. However, we have enjoyed nearly 2 year's worth of contests, and it has been fun to be part of this weekly competition. So with a warm & fuzzy feeling inside my heart, I present to you... the last competition for airgear_awards!!

General Theme

Artist's Choice

There's only one theme this week... Artist's Choice! That's right, YOU decide what type of icon you want to make! Absolutely anything goes! Animated? Monochrome? Manga? Anime? Character Spotlight? Funky fonts? Song quotes? Movie titles? Sure! If you want to make it, then I'll accept it!!

Submission Rules:
.>> You may enter up to three icons.

.>> Submit following this format:


Icon created by moonshadow_nal.

.>> Your deadline is Sunday, 09 November 2008, 16:00 Eastern Standard Time/21:00 GMT. If you're not sure what your time zone is then please Check it against The World Clock (New York is EST & London is GMT)