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ride the sky.

Air º Gear º Icontest
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g r e e t i n g s V I S I T O R

Welcome to airgear_awards, a weekly icontest community dedicated to Oh! Great's ongoing manga Air Gear! Previously maintained by gooziewoozie but now by amateur iconner xerox_kitty, we both hope to provide you enjoyable, fun themes each week.

Keep in mind that it is not mandatory to submit icons to participate! Voting is just important so please join even if it's only to vote.

g e n e r a l R U L E S

Be polite and considerate of other members.
º2. No stealing icons. You must ask permission from the original creator before taking it and give proper credit in your userpic's keywords or comments.
º3. Avoid cheating by submitting via multiple accounts; you'll lose in the end, trust me.
º4. Before anything else, you must join to partake in the community's activities.
º5. Have fun!

s u b m i s s i o n R U L E S

Three new themes--general, lyrical, and image--are posted every Friday, usually after voting. You are given one week to submit until the following Friday @ 10 PM Central Standard Time.

º1. You must be a member to enter the contests. You may submit up to three, one icon per theme, unless stated otherwise.
º2. Icons should be no bigger than 100x100 pixels/40 kb with formats among .gif, .jpg, or .png.
º3. No fanart/cosplay images may be used! As much as we love fanart and cosplay, we have to deny any such pictures as they require permission from the owner. Unless you have proof of terms, just don't use anything other than original artwork.
º4. Icons must be freshly made for the contest, unless you have an older, unpublished icon that fits the theme and you'd like to submit it.
º5. Do not, I repeat, do not advertise your icon(s) before or during the contest until it is over and results are put up. If you do, you will be disqualified and give us sad faces.
º6. We will allow cross-entering, but be sure the other community allows this and their schedule follows ours (Sunday to Sunday). When cross-entering, please tell us which contest you're also submitting to.
º7. If your previous icon has a mistake that you want to fix, resubmit with a new comment.
º8. Finally, submit your icons to the correct post (labeled "Week #: Submit") following this format:

URL: http://i76.photobucket.com/albums/j25/SimCa25/layout/agaw1.png

v o t i n g R U L E S

Voting opens every Sunday @ 2 PM EST / 10 PM GMT and closes the following Monday @ 2 PM EST / 10 PM GMT.

º1. You must be member to vote. Watcher votes will be invalid. You are only allowed to vote once per contest. Do not vote with multiple accounts (tactical voting)--you will be banned.
º2. Depending on the number of submissions per week, placing may vary--so be sure to read the rules! In favorable cases, you must vote for three icons in order of preference, and a fourth for that week's special category (see below). Please vote in one of these formats:

1st: 43
2nd: 27
3rd: 31
Special: 50


43, 27, 31

º3. Do not vote for the same icon twice. Your vote will be discarded.
º4. Do not vote for yourself. Your vote will be discarded. We want the contests to be fair.
º5. Vote impartially. Do not vote just because your favorite character is on the icon.
º6. In addition to the regular four winners, an anonymous ranking will be listed in the results post for those curious about their icons' placing.
º7. Special Categories are randomly chosen just before voting opens. This place is awarded to whichever icon receiving the most points for the special category. There are seven special categories as follows:

Most Creative: The icon showing most originality among others through its overall visual effects.

Mod's Choice: This icon is picked by the issuing moderator. Literally, it's the mod's favorite icon.

Most Emotional: The icon emitting the greatest emotional impact on the viewer compared to the other icons. The image and/or text is very well chosen and evokes any strong feeling.

Best Adaption: The icon reflecting the theme best through both the chosen image and text.

Best Caption: The icon that has the best text content. This means the words' actual meaning matches the icon well. This can be well-chosen lyrics, a good phrase, or even a single, effective word. Don't confuse this with Best Typography!

Best Color: The icon that stands out from the rest color-wise. It has the most effective use of color, whether it's faded, vivid, monotone, or duotone, etc.

Best Typography: The icon with the best treatment of text regardless of text content. This applies to the physical appearance of the words on the icon and can include good use of dingbats. Good text placement also plays a role in good typography. Don't confuse this with Best Caption!

b a n n e r M A K E R S

With one mod on hiatus, and the other relatively inexperienced at Banner Making it has been decided to recruit Banner Makers. If you would like to help create awards for past winners then please sign up to this un-screened post. Winners will receive cute 100x250px custom-made banners!


Check out all the gorgeous banners that have been awarded so far... it puts the Awards! into airgear_awards!!!

w i n n i n g I C O N S

We are fortunate enough to have attracted the interest and icons from many creative & diverse members.

º Those icons that have won can be viewed in one (image heavy) page that we call The Hall of Fame.

ºSadly not every icon is a winning icon, but that does not mean that they are forgotten. Therefore the community memories are kept up to date, and you can view all competing icons through the Voting Posts.

ºTo use an icon, it is essential that you ask permission from the original creator before taking it. We will provide details of who made upon request for information, so just post a request. Don't forget you MUST give proper credit in your userpic's keywords or comments.

s u g g e s t T H E M E S

Member participation is what makes the competition fun. The main means of participating is to submit icons or vote on them. There is another way that we invite our members to particpate in the fun... to Suggest future Themes.

Check out our Previous Themes and leave a comment on the Suggest Themes post. It really is as simple as that, and we really do use suggestions that members have made.

l i n k O U T

Other sites we have affiliated with. If you want to join our list of affiliates then please drop us a note here & we'll add you a.s.a.p.
.>> 100variations .>> air_treck .>> akatsuki_awards .>> bishounenawards .>> bishoujo_awards .>> dattebayo_still .>> disney_awards .>> dogsawards .>> dynast_lims .>> ff12_awards .>> final_whisper .>> ouranhostawards .>> rockmusiclims .>> sentient_icons .>> sos_icontest .>> sqenix_icontest .>> talesof_awards .>> videogameawards .>> watase_awards

l a y o u t C R E D I T

v.º1 .>>CITYSCAPE features Minami Itsuki (a.k.a. Ikki) and Noyamano Ringo from Oh Great!'s Air Gear Trick: 002. Fonts used in the layout header are Anthology, Eurofurence, and Usenet. In the userinfo header, Dyspepsia, Loki Cola, and Day Roman.
.>> layout code premade_ljs.

v.º2 .>>AIRSCAPE features Minami Itsuki (a.k.a. Ikki) from Oh Great!'s Air Gear Trick: 001. Fonts used in the layout header are only known to gooziewoozie at the time being. D'oh.
.>> The layout was created by bulletscarnage with the original header designed by gooziewoozie

p r o M O T E

Here are a few banner-sized buttons for promotional purposes. Spread the airgear_awards love!

c o n t a c t U S

Whether it's a question, comment, concern, or suggestion, feel free to leave a comment one of the community posts. You may also contact us by email.

Moderator: gooziewoozie .>> email

Moderator: xerox_kitty .>> email

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